Potassium sorbate is a very widely used preservative of many foods, including but not limited to: dairy, baked goods, beverages, cured meats, herbal supplements, soft food products (jam), and especially wines. Potassium sorbate is used in extremely small quantities. Often times, it is used in trace amounts too tiny to require being listed in ingredients. For example, in my sugar-free products I use .1% to prevent spoilage. This is necessary in a jam with no sugar, which is a preservative itsself in jams. This preservative, also known as a polyunsaturated fatty acid salt, retards the growth of mold, yeast, and fungi. Potassium sorbate is naturally occuring in the fruits of the European Montain Ash and in commercial use is considered an organic compound. It has the lowest allergenic potential of all food preservatives and is considered completely safe even if used in large amounts. It is completely soluble in water and has no odor, flavor, color, or anything that will change the delectableness of my jams.