Huckleberries are by far the most sought after wild berry occuring in the Rocky Mountain Region. I can buy or pick enough to last me year round, eating them in a plethora of recipes, all the while hoping next year there will be a bumper crop for huckleberry security. Even I value every one of these small delicious berries. It takes many hours of labor to harvest the huckleberry from it’s wild mountainside locations, due to one-berry-per-stem, watching for berry bears, and eating every other berry collected. One must factor in human competition as well, the rule is “Each to his own huckleberry patch”. Some people make a living picking their hidden berry patches year after year and if feeling encroached on by competitors can become………well, more fearsome than a berry bear!! People that have not tasted a huckleberry may wonder what? why? whatever! and write us all off as delirious high-altituders. We huckleberry aficionados know that the decadent, sweet flavor resembles a combination of the best wild blueberries and ripe blackberries without the seeds. Plus there’s the absolutely heady near-palpable aroma of hucks that lingers in the air some swear you can taste long after the huckleberries have been eaten. Now that is an eating experience folks!